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Episode 6: En Masse’

[Cue Music “Philosophorum Omega” - Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood OST]

My dear audience… How busy you have been in the few weeks since I’ve opened this forum to your inquisitive hearts. Well, perhaps it is time for me to, once again, answer you en masse.

[Fade Out Music]

[Fade Under “Andante Comodo for Chamber Orchestra” - Ouran Host Club OST] 

Annimeer asks- (beat)

Oh for the love of- Madam, I will not call you a “Naughty girl”. Your previous requests for this sort of response have *purposefully* gone unanswered. If it is tittilation you seek, might I reccomend the back alleys of Trottingham? 

[Fade Out Music]

WriterThePonyAsks asks, “What is your favorite color?”

Simple. Caput Mortuum.

CommanderCatalyst asks “Your Highness, How do we feed on the love of monoforms?”

[Cue Music “Tottering” - Love Hina OST]

How… How are you still alive?! Note to self: Send Commander Catalyst to R&D.

MrBeefzilla asks, “are the changelings bugs?”

No more than you are. Wait. Perhaps I should make that a bit less open ended. No. We are changlings.

Anonymous asks “Do you have a brother named Prince Cocoon?”

Hm. Not that I know of. However, I’m told my father was quite cad when he was a young prince. Still, I don’t believe… No. No, I do not have any siblings.

[Fade Out Music]

LikeAuke-Russia wants to know “Do you have any dreams? Things that you wish for more than anything?”

[Fade Up Music “Tranquillezza for String” - Ouran Host Club OST]

What person doesn’t? I hope that, one day, I become as great a ruler as my father was. Though, that might be a bit selfish. No, I hope that my people are someday accepted by the other races which inhabit our world. As equals, not as a pestilence.

[Fade Out Music]

AskTheGuardianofEquestria asks “Which is the greater tactic: fear or force?”

[Cue Music “Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude (BWV 147)” - Johann Sebastian Bach]

While I can’t say your question lacks merit, it is, in all reality, the wrong question. I will, however, say this. A true tactician determines the correct path to victory based on the situation he or she faces.

[Fade Out Music]

[Cue Music “Piano Concerto No. 1 (Op. 23)” - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky]

I’m afraid that’s all I have time for today. I have many matters of great import to attend to. 

Until next time.

[Fade Out Music]

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