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The following is the last recording of the Changeling King Metamorphosis. Copied from the surveillance system in the room he was imprisoned in, it was given to his steward, Private Onyx by one of his former captors eight months after his capture. When asked why he furnished the recording, the guard only commented that, “after listening to it more times than I can count, I knew that it was the only right thing to do”. The guard then turned himself in to Equestrian authorities, though he refused to reveal the whereabouts of his commanding officer or fellow rouge guardsmen. 


Guard, if you are there, if you are watching through that unblinking lens, I make a request to you: please write this down for me. These are my last words. I would myself, but, as you know, I am unable.

I recount this, not as a king, but as an individual.

When you are a king, you are no longer allowed to act as a single person. Your every decision can have ramifications which impact all of your subjects in ways that no oracle dare attempt to reconcile: it is a spider’s waltz; chaotic and ill-fated.

To be king, especially when being so means your lineage climbed the evolutionary arc of your species to its apogee, means being the master of an ungodly- no, godly amount of power. Changes which are necessary can be swiftly done, crises averted in a moment, catastrophes rectified with a word.

And yet, here I sit, no longer a king. No longer powerful. No longer capable of ruling my subjects which I hold so dear. And, by this time, no doubt, all the world must believe me dead.

My arrogance was the cause of this, in truth. I forgot too many things. I forgot that I had enemies I had never met, forgot that I was not untouchable, that I was as much hated as loved, and that the universe may have become weary of my boastful antics. And so I underestimated those who would, and have acted against me. Who acted in secret, outside of their master’s wishes. And who stripped me of my power.

This rouge group of the Equestrian guard, who were tired of the unofficial policy of feigned ignorance their leaders had taken with regards to my changeling kingdom, took matters into their own hooves in a single skilled movement. They took advantage of my hubris and captured me, broke off my horn, and locked me away. And, with that, I am a living discrepancy: a king imprisoned and an immutable changeling.

It has been no less than two months since I was taken from my kingdom. Telling the time has not been difficult, nor do I have any trouble discerning my location, as my view of the stars from my sequestered room is not impinged: I am, without a doubt, in Equestria near the Foal Mountains. I knew this land, once; serene and imbued with a defining quietude, undisturbed by civilization.

This cell, so it seems, was constructed for me and me alone and I have accepted that it will be my tomb. It is not uncomfortable; far from it: it is so plush, so decadent, that it is entirely palatial. I am deprived of nothing. Food and drink are magically created on a whim by some sort of automatic process and I am even provided with books. The only sign of life here is a camera that watches me in unending vigil.

And there is its cruelty. A gilded cage is a cage still, and I am the bird within. And, despite the abundance of food available to me, I am slowly starving. With no love to feed on, I am growing empty. Surely, barring rescue, I will die within a fortnight, and I know rescue will not come.

So, I am faced with a choice that most do not have to make. I must decide how I wish to die: by the tick of the clock or by my own will. With a broken horn, I cannot focus my magic, but that lack of focus is how I will die. I may be weak, but my magic is still strong and unbounded energy has only one form.

It is my regret that the universe does not always permit it, but it is my wish that the world should act in the name of peace and goodwill to all. To my wife, please find the peace within yourself. Stay your hoof so that our people may have a future outside the shadows. To Celestia, you have been a friend to me over the centuries and to my father longer. Our relationship was never traditional, but I will remember the many teas we shared fondly.

And finally, to all of you who broke the boundaries of kingdoms and cultures and joined me in this grand experiment: Thank You.

And now I shuffle off this mortal coil. Oh, Chrysalis, my nymph; be all my sins remembered.

I’m going to kill him.

I’m going to kill King Metamorphosis. Letting this blog languish is not fair to him as a character, so I’ve decided I’m just going to kill him. I am writing his death right now. If you have any farewell messages for him, now would be the time to send them so I have time to write his response. 

If you would like to keep up with me and what I’m up to, I encourage you to follow my personal tumblr and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. In the mean time, KM is going to be listening to some Andrew WK.

I’m going back to Anime Expo and, once again, doing panels! Here’s the listing. It should be the same times that will show up on the schedule, but they reserve the right to change them.

since king m. is... busy, mod, what is his favorite song?

Probably “How Deep is Your Love” by the BeeGees.

I feel kinda bad. I always do shit like this late at night when most folks are asleep but, hey, there it is. I’m gonna be just chilling out with my cam and mic on and tidying up my desk. If you guys and gals wanna chill out with me, come on in! I wholly don’t expect anyone, but I’d be pleasantly surprised if someone did.  Fun times and chats were had!

King Metamorphosis - Episode 14
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Episode 14: Difficulties

KM: Private Onyx!

PO: Y-yes sir?

KM: Have you managed to get that computer working yet?

PO: Just now sir. We’re already live.

KM: Finally. Now, leave me so that I may work in peace.

PO: Yes sir. 

SFX: sound of hooves, large door closing shut

KM: Hello my friends. As you may have over heard, we’ve been suffering some.. technical difficulties. I won’t go into details but let me say that, as technically unsophisticated that I am, my darling queen is even less so. Nonetheless, I am here to answer your questions once again, however delayed they may be.

Oh, this one looks interesting. And it seems to have an attachment. Now, lets see. 

SFX: Double click

Caramel Onion: Hello King Metamorphosis, this is Caramel Onion. Ponies all around love to get caught up in the romance of Hearts and Hooves day. What do changelings do? Oh! And happy Hearts and Hooves Day!

KM: Hmmm. Delayed indeed. A wonderful question, however, and I would be happy to answer. 

Many believe that Hearts and Hooves day is when Changelings are the most active. The common misconception is that, because we feed on love, we are out in full force, taking advantage of the holiday’s inherent nature. However, in reality, the exact opposite is true. Let me explain.

When you are walking around on Hearths Warming Eve, Nightmare Night, or, indeed, Hearts and Hooves day, do you not feel the spirit of giving and friendship? of mischief and play? of love and passion? Can you not feel the energy of that holiday in the very air you breathe? 

That energy isn’t just your imagination; it’s really there. And for beings who are not usually capable of sensing the emotional energy of the world to be able to feel it, you can only imagine how it is for a species who can. So, to answer your question, on Hearts and Hooves day, with all the ambient love in the air, we take the day off and celebrate much like you. 

Next question; How long do you plan on hiding?

SFX: sounds of decloaking and hooves

KM: And you are?

CF: My name is Commander Fury, but you can call me sir.

KM: Well, Commander, to what do I owe this visit? A message from your Princess?

CF: The princesses don’t know we’re here.

KM: “We’re”?-

SFX: body hit


CF: Quickly, get the restraint on his horn! 

SFX: Sounds of chains/handcuffs/some type of restraint

CF: Starburst what are you doing there?

SB: This must be computer he uses for his broadcasts. Should we take it?

CF: That might not be such a bad idea. Let his compatriots and those traitorous ponies who follow him know that we have their precious king.

SB: You got it, sir. Well, you heard him, fillies and colts, later.


What will happen next?!

Ask an Audio Engineer.


I’m an audio engineer. Ask me anything you like within the next 24 hours and I’ll answer it.

Victor! hearts and hooves day is coming!!!! XD You must have some AWESOME plans for your girlfriend~ is she a brony too?

…I don’t have a girlfriend, actually.


Bronies! Creative Commons Your Art!

This video aims to encourage brony musicians (and other artists) to license their original works under a Creative Commons license so that other in the community (and beyond) can use and remix their works legally. Please share this with as many bronies as you can in order to spread the message and bring the creativity of this community out from skirting around copyright law to working within it!

For more information about Creative Commons licenses, please visit:

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Yu-chan writes: We have heard you talk about your father a little but what about your mother?

I must regretfully say that I don’t know much about her. As I said in an earlier correspondence  she died in an accident when I was quite young. However, in the spirit the honesty I’ve tried to maintain throughout this little project of mine, I will share with you, m listeners, what I do remember.

My mother’s name was Freya, a name from old horse mythology. She was the sole princess of one of the original four changeling Kingdoms that emerged after the great upheaval. The others were that of Chrysalis’s family, the now gone Fairweather clan, and, of course, my family’s, which was, prior to Chrysalis’s and my wedding, the house of Metamorphosis. Currently, there are no more clans or houses as all changelings are now part of one kingdom. But I digress. 

Mother was beautiful. More beautiful than any other changeling ever and even Chrysalis will admit it. Her hair was a shimmering cerulean, as if stardust were blended in, and her eyes were like emeralds. During the day, she would help me with my lessons. She loved poetry and would often have me sit with her as she read to me the works of all the greats. And every night she would tuck me into bed and sing this old lullaby that her mother sang to her. Oh, and when she sang… when she sang she was the envy of all. She had the voice of an angel. 

And she was kind. My father told me, years after she had passed, that she was his tempering force. So many times, he told me, he had neared abondoning his dreams of peace among the houses but was always steeled by my mother’s encouragement and warmth. 

Even after she died, he always thought to her when things were uneasy and drew on her strength and belief in him.

Still, he wasn’t well for some time after she died.

In a way, I suppose, you could say that she died because of me. 

You see, because changelings need love to live and, for obvious reasons, those just born are unable to gather that energy themselves, it comes to their mothers to give them that initial supply to sustain them until they are able to gain it themselves. Unfortunately, this often leaves the mothers quite weak for the rest of their lives. Though my mother was a queen and knew how to keep up appearances and remain strong (at least superficially), that initial transfusion of love after my birth taxed her greatly. She was always slightly tired and no longer had the incredible regenerative ability that is normally a part of being royalty. 

One day, she and father were making a tour of one of the natural gas processing facilities when there was an explosion. Though my father took more damage, he healed almost instantly. My mother… She… didn’t. 

She was badly hurt and because of her already weakened state…

My mother was beautiful, intelligent, and kind queen… but most of all she was an example for all who would come after her as how we once were and how we should be. She guided my father and her teachings guide me. That is why, though her and my father’s dream is now a reality, I hope for peace between changelings and other races.